Who are we?

We are an employment agency and a training institution. We provide services in the field of widely understood HR. 
Please, see our offer. 

  • Team

    We are a team of specialists in their fields, continuously educating ourselves and improving our qualifications. Our aim  is development, so we make every effort to assist our Clients in developing themselves.

  • Experience

    We have extensive experience in consulting, management and corporate strategy development as well as organizing  training and conferences. We are the author and executor of projects co-financed by the European Union. We provide services in the field of HR on the Polish and foreign labour markets.


  • Partners

    We co-operate with many businesses, organizations and public institutions. We are always open  to new ideas. We believe that  joint action can bring tangible benefits for each party. Clicking on the tab, you will find the logos of our partners.


What can we do for you ?


Employment Agency

We are entered into the National Register of Employment Agencies conducted by MGPIPS (certificate number 8838). Our agency was established in response to the ever increasing labor market demand for flexible and comprehensive action in the field of HR policy. We provide services both on the Polish and foreign labor markets.

  • For employers

    Are you looking for staff? We will find them for you. Clicking the tab for the employer, you can place a pre-order for employees. We are ready to respond to the needs in the field of permanent and temporary recruitment. We provide comprehensive services and, at the same time,  take care of you well-being.


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  • For job-seekers

    We assist in finding a job on the Polish and foreign labor markets. Clicking the tab, you will find current vacancies. If you are unable to find a jos for yourself, you can sign up in our database. We can help you find a job suited  both to your needs and opportunities.


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We are the author and implementer of many training programs. All the activities that we carry out are preceded by thorough analysis of needs. The services we provide are tailored to Customers' expectations and bring the expected results. We organize open trainings  in the form of workshops, courses, trainings, as well as prepare and implement programs tailored to employees of individual companies. Our Agency is entered into the National Register of the Training Institutions under the number 2.30/00288/2010.

  • Personal development

    Personal development is the way to get to know ourselves and raise our competence. It takes time and regularity. In our offer you will find, among others, psychological counseling, coaching,  managerial trainings, psychological trainings and workshops and language training.


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  • Professional trainings

    Today, people need to develop constantly their professional skills, observe the labor market and adapt to its requirements. We organize trainings and vocational courses that will prepare you to gain powers in a particular profession or raise your qualifications.


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  • Company development

    We conduct trainings in the form of workshops and individual meetings for companies. Our activities are designed and organized taking into account the individual needs of our customers. We focus on practical skills. Trainings are  carried out by our team  extensively experienced in both coaching and business.


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We implement projects co-financed by the European Union within the European Social Fund. 

  • For business entities

    We are actively seeking companies that would like to cooperate with us  within EU projects. Clicking the tab, you will find a form. If you fill it, you will be entered to our database.


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  • For individual participants 

    We implement activation, donation and training  projects. See what kind of support we can offer. Clicking the tab, you will find projects information, dates and the necessary documents. 


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Profesja in numbers

  • 10

    Executed projects

  • 78

    Job offers

  • 270

    Employment rate

  • 1030

    Executed trainings

  • 2010

    Year of establishment

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